The name speaks fo itself. We, at iRekrut have a clear understanding of our core business. We do not want to confuse our employers / foreign principals much more the applicants RECRUITMENT IS OUR BUSINESS and we are all determined to continue to excel on it.

For the first eight years in the business, we have continued to grow of our deployment, although sourcing and pre-screening was done through a manual process. We tried our best to keep at par with competitions and stay in focus on our vision to be a major player in any recruitment activity we handle.

To fast track growth and ensure efficiency, 2013 is a milestone for iRekrut. We purchased one of the country's premiere "Recruitment And Accounting System." Backed by a solid IT system software solution provider, iRekrut is now more than ever ready for growth!

No more promises, just a passionate service, simplified on-line processes and documentarions, building lasting relationship among workers, and employers/foreign principals.